Month: July 2014

I am keeping good on my word

Like the title says, I am keeping good on my word to get some stuff done. I have been working on my mocking framework to post it to github. There have been a number of changes. Probably the biggest noticeable change is the switch to a mockito-like when+doReturn style. Along with this, I no longer use a static mock manager which means that there are less chances of method name conflict. The down side to this is that the mock now needs to be injected via constructor or property as the mocked calls are specific to the instance created in the test. The mocks have also been softened and now allow for out of order method invocation. There are still matchers but they have changed a bit. It is very much a work around for the lack of reflection and I expect them to change in the second release. In fact, there is a laundry list of features I want to add, but I need to get something out there first before I start planning where I will put the kitchen sink. Now, some may be wondering why I have not put anything in github and the reason is, is that this was a major overhaul from top to bottom. I didn’t want some broken piece of code attached to my name. Right now it is 90ish percent done. The code is working, but I want more tests and some clean up. You see, I do most of this at night… or the morning as it just so happens (12:11am as of this sentence) and while I produce working code, I also produce code with a high WTF/m at this time. So once I have it cleaned up, tested and commented, I will push it to github and make a big ol’ post about it here.

I’m not dead

I feel happy. I feel happy…

No grail fans? I thought I might use a dead parrot parody but in that sketch the parrot had most definitely ceased to be. “So where have you been,” you may be asking yourself and to you I reply, “that is none of your business but I will tell you anyway cuz I’m a nice person and I am sure you are too.” I moved, settled in, the steam sale happened…. yeah, anyway. I want to get back to posting and I would also like to update my site a bit. It seems to be lacking, well, imagine me frantically waving at the screen and you get the gist of it. No social icons, no about me and a bear bones theme leaves this looking like a fly-by-night hack job rather than someone genuinely interested in this technology. I also want to get my Mock framework out on git hub. I will admit, when I heard that someone else had beaten me to the punch with a few features I would have liked to use, I got a little down on my code. Well that was wrong of me because you know what is better than one good implementation, TWO! Let’s keep forcing the issue and maybe, just maybe, Salesforce will throw us a reflection bone or something, anything to make this mocking thing less clunky. A guy can hope right? Anyway, lets see if I can coax this blog back to life a’ight. See you all soon!